Yasu in his alter-ego, Odin

Name (Kanji/Kana):


Name (Romanji):

Yusubee Morozumi






(It's complicated...)

Odin also known as Yasubee "Yasu" Morozumi is the self proclaimed "chief soldier" of Zvezda.


Odin wears a mask just like Dva and other low ranking members of Zvezda, along with a jacket and hat that give him a slight cowboy theme.


A dandy youth who places appearance the most importance. He has a tendency to get into trouble using Natasha's technology. Yasu is addicted to cigarettes, much to the resent of his fellow Zvezda members. He runs away when troubles coming and trys to act like a badass.


His loyalty to Zvezda stems from a fear of Kate Hoshimiya. This loyalty is easily swayed when other threats greater than Kate appear.

It is shown that he and Goro were gangsters in the past, with Yasu working under Goro who he has both great respect and hear of.

Asuta Jimon

He's head over heels in love with him. I mean, who isn't?

(lol, wtf?— Asuta is my waifu!)


After the years of being no use to the organization (as well as verbal abuse from just about every direction), Yasu [kinda] betrays the organization for money and ultimately becomes nothing more than a plot-device and comic relief (lol).

After the Asuta's father is defeated, Yasu comically returns to his position in the gang—though according to the last episodes, he wouldn't eat dinner for quite some time upon returning... RIP.

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