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Plamya (プラーミャ Purāmya, Пламя means 'flame' in Russian) also known as Itsuka Shikabane (鹿羽 逸花 Shikabane Itsuka) is a sadistic high school girl and a senior Zvezda.


Plamya in her normal clothes.

She has a tall, slender figure with long black hair. Outside Zvezda she dresses in a high school uniform implying she's younger than her strength and personality would suggest.


Plamya's "Cooking."

Plamya's personality depends on who she is talking to. When she's conversing with Kate, she becomes amorous and extremely caring for her, but she usually treats others with aggression and never comes up short on threats. This behavior extends to Dva and the other Zvezda males, but she's apparently fine with sparing Roboko and Natasha. Plamya cannot cook very well at all and has hang ups about her inadequacy, to the point where she insulted (albeit a bit playfully) Dva when he made a better meal than her. When Itsuka emerges from the kitchen, the other Zvezda members flee for their lives.  


Kate Hoshiyama

Plamya's creepy behavior shown even when sleeping.

Plamya coaching Kate.

Plamya openly displays her infatuation with Kate's petite body, saying that she "doesn't need to get any bigger" in her sleep. Besides her quite creepy behavior, she acts as a somewhat nice big sister towards her and would kill in order to please Kate. Other times she encourages Kate in all sorts of things like pull ups and is unnaturally kind compared to how she treats Dva. When she was little, it was Kate (being bigger than Itsuka back then) who comforted Itsuka at her mother's funeral. She has since seen Kate as a source of emotional support. When upset, she cries out "Onee-san" and clings to Kate like when she was younger.

Shikabane Gorou

Plamya is the daughter of General Pepel.

Hayabusa Kaori

Plamya is the niece of Kaori. She seems to dislike her aunt.

Asuta Jimon

Plamya hates him.