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Professor Um (ウーム教授 Ūmu Kyōju, Ум means 'mind' or 'brain' in Russian) also known as Natasha (ナターシャ Наташа) (full name is Наталья Васильченко (Nataliya Vasylchenko)) is one of the top scientists and is the Zvezda mascot. She is an expert in the technical field and speaks with a Hiroshima dialect.


Uumu Kyouju as a child.

Uumu Kyouju's normal attire is a long white scientist coat and undergarments. Underneath her mask are blue eyes, and her hair is blonde. She claims to be fifteen years old.




Her parents are missing, assumed dead. This is thought to be the case due to her parents bringing her to the "land of fairies" where she lost hold of their hand. Incidentally, this is where she also found Roboko.

Kate Hoshimiya


When Natasha was small, she would stay in her home and construct robots. Kids usually found them scary, so she was very lonely as a child. But she was fine with this as all she didn't care for interaction with the other kids. One day, her parents took her hand and led her underground to where they eventually disappeared. When she realized it, she had gone from Ukraine to West Udogawa.

Natasha was also the one who built the sexy robo chick (Roboko).

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